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A commitment to quality!

We are a multilingual translation firm established since 1991.
Our success relies on quality.

“Language is the architecture of our mind.”

(Jacqueline Costa-Lascoux)

Who We Are

We are a multilanguage translation firm serving governments, institutions and very large corporations.

We have been in business since 1991, complying with the strictest quality standards.

We work in the most advanced and topical areas.

We are structured to translate large volumes within very short turnaround times.

We are fully operational on a 24/7/365 basis.

Our Culture

Outstanding employees, valued and loyal clients, a strict quality control process, state-of-the-art tools, an extensive documentation, a carefully managed terminology, and mostly, our dedication to quality!

The Firm’s Seven Golden Rules

  • Provide very high quality translations within set deadlines.
  • Be successful. There is no profitability without quality, and no quality without profitability.
  • Provide our employees with real personal and professional development prospects.
  • Invest in terminology research, fact-based and documentary research, and automation.
  • Grow in tandem with our clients while constantly responding to their needs.
  • Update our knowledge base continuously.
  • Promote the development and influence of our industry, to deserve the clients’ and the general public’s respect.

Our Clients

We are fortunate to have governments, institutions and very large corporations as clients. We work for the most demanding and discriminating clients.

Why should you trust us?

We have a lot of experience and seniority.

We are fully committed to quality.

We “leave no stone unturned”: our translations are subject to a strict terminology research and extensive fact-based and documentary research.

We carefully review our translations, including a thorough editing process and spelling, grammatical and stylistic controls.

We are very versatile.

We are very creative if and as needed.