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About Us

Time is of the essence.

Our Structure

Our translation operations are dedicated to quality.

We work in the most advanced and topical areas. We are a 24/7 operation.

We are structured to translate very large documents within very short turnaround times while meeting the strictest quality standards.

We have a lot of experience and seniority.

Translation means to:

  • Be curious and dedicated.
  • Fully understand source copy. Leave no stone unturned and conduct comprehensive and strict terminology, fact‑based and documentary research.
  • Keep abreast of current economic, stock market, accounting, scientific, industrial and environmental news.
  • Be a team worker.
  • Improve constantly!
  • Always go beyond and open up to new perspectives.
  • Working and reworking translations.
  • Constantly challenge your translations.

Our Culture

To be successful, we rely primarily on the very high quality of our services, on an in‑depth knowledge of our clients’ operations, on complete terminology, fact-based and documentary research services, in addition to our high productivity and availability.

We specialize in very large documents to be translated within very short turnaround times, while meeting the strictest quality standards.

Our Quality Standards

All our activities must meet our 8 quality criteria. These criteria are our key values.



We remain faithful to the source text content and spirit, without ever being literal.



Our translations are strictly accurate. We ensure accuracy through a procedure whereby every fact and technical aspect (facts and figures, dates, spelling of toponyms and proper nouns, etc.) is verified for each translation segment.



Our translations look and feel natural, as if they were originally written in the target language. They do not look or feel like translations.


Fluency or seamlessness

Our translations are seamless: they can easily be read straightforwardly, so the reader does not have to wonder about the meaning of the statements, whether simple or complex.



Our translations are written in the style of the target audience: the reader easily relates to and understands our translations. Each field of expertise has its own style.



Our translations are perfectly suited to their target audiences or/and users and to their organizational culture, work practices and requirements (information collection, decision-making, skills refreshment, procedure execution or device assembly). Before initiating our translation assignments, we collect all the necessary information about our clients’ organizational culture, standard terminology and communications style to create translation memory systems, which we upgrade through our subsequent translation assignments.



In our industry and in our own internal culture, a deadline is a deadline. Our clients need their translations on time to ensure their own sequence of operations. As translators, we act as the last action line before a document is released, and since source documents are ready for publication when we receive translation assignments, we have to respond quickly and be in a position to deliver within our clients’ strict deadlines. We are structured to do just that.



Our translations comply with best practices, usage, terminology memories, acts and regulations and all the other applicable standards.

At a glance

We are serving governments, institutions and large corporations.

We are mandated to deliver quality translations and to meet our clients’ requirements: standards, deadlines, presentation and organizational culture.

We are structured to translate high‑volume, very short turnaround time documents. We provide very high service levels and meet the strictest quality standards.