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Our Strengths

We are proficient in macroeconomic, geopolitical, financial and stock market information and in the most advanced technology, industry and environment business areas.

We translate mostly from English to French and from French to English.

We also provide our services in the other most active foreign and aboriginal languages.


Economic conditions reports and analyses, forecasts (GDP and economic activity segments tracking), status of trade balances and international trade exchanges, free-trade agreements, tariff sanctions and trade wars, main indicators of global economic health (auto sales, housing market, inflation, investment and household consumption)

Domestic financing mechanisms, issuance of sovereign debt securities, interest rates, monetary policies and policy rates of central banks, minutes of meetings of the Monetary Policy Committee of the US Federal Reserve (Fed), financing of retail banks, monetary policy and economic stimulus or stabilization measures, bank stress tests and recapitalization, currency markets and foreign exchange reserves, currency pair developments, currency issuance and money supply

Global, regional and national stock market conditions, securities, bonds and other debt securities, bond issuance, stock market indices, stock market outlook memos, fund management (mutual, segregated and indexed funds) and securities portfolio management, prospectuses and financial information notes, trading and brokerage on commodity markets

Annual Reports, financial statements and notes, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Management Analysis, Management Comments and ratios

Calls for tenders and public contracts, trade agreements, labour law and collective agreements, commercial law, maritime law (duties and responsibilities of carriers, and charter, towing and consignment contracts), individual and property insurance contracts, draft acts and regulations, constitutional law (comprehensive land claims), criminal law (criminal and correctional; extraditions), environmental law, administration of justice (creation, organization, operation, procedure and reform of courts, police and administrative law enforcement agencies) and decisions of the federal courts of the Office of the Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs


Methods for urban planning and management of farming property and forests

Green spaces, urban forests and forest cover, soft roads

Climate change and disruptions, floods and droughts, plans and targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, carbon credits, emergency response and natural disasters

Field-based scientific work by prominent nature conservation organizations, wildlife biology

Management and recycling of waste and plastics, sorting programs, microwave plastic regeneration


Major global nuclear systems, construction of civil and nuclear power plant parts, Canadian nuclear system (CANDU)

Electrification of vehicles and charging stations, energy storage, production of hydroelectricity, electric power and tidal power plants, electrical engineering, power transformers, wind energy

Prevention and treatment of diseases, surgical procedures, geriatrics, prescriptions

Product monographs, patents, original and generic products

Fixed and mobile telephony, radio, television and computer, design and construction of telephone and computer devices, radioelectricity, optical links, Android and iOS technologies and architectures

Residential construction, office and industrial buildings, road works, drilling techniques and tunnel construction for public transit systems (light rail and subway systems)

Guides for Use and Training in the Field of Microsoft Applications

Exploration and operation of deposits, drilling and extraction (gold, silver, copper, nickel, platinum, oil, shale hydrocarbons), precious minerals (rare earth elements)

Pulp and paper manufacturing and processing

In‑plant metal working, iron and steel industry, manufacture of metal products (car bodies, power meters, range timers), electroplating

Weapons and ammunitions, drones, stealth aircrafts, ballistic missiles and defence systems

Land, rail, sea and air transportation of people and goods

The most active languages in the world

The following are our working source and target languages.